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imgPhD study: Topics offered for academic year 2018/19

In the academic year 2018/19 the Institute for Sociology is opening up to three full time positions and an unlimited number of part time positions in our sociology PhD study programme.

Our doctoral students will enjoy the opportunity to do their studies at a workplace which participates in programmes of international comparative research such as the ISSP (International Social Survey Programme) and EVS (European Values Study), is a publisher of the flagship sociology journal in Slovakia Sociológia – Slovak Sociological Review indexed in the Current Contents database and operates the Slovak Archive of Social Data (SASD) which is the national service provider of CESSDA ERIC.

Hint: Information on our PhD study programme can be found in our PhD study section. Further information can also be found in the interview with our PhD student Marianna Mrva (in Slovak).

Prospective PhD students may choose from one of the topics listed below:

1. Changing ideas of a decent life: Life history approach
(Supervisor: Zuzana Kusá) Form: full time/ part time

2. Interactions among children differing by their social, economic and cultural background: A case study
(Supervisor: Zuzana Kusá) Form: full time/ part time

3. Life strategies of the rural population in the light of local and regional policies - examples of selected municipalities" - two comparative case studies - a municipality in a suburbanized background of a large city / municipality distant from large urban centers
(Supervisor: Ľubomír Falťan) Form: full time/ part time

4. Internationalization of the city area: Case study of Bratislava
(Supervisor: Ľubomír Falťan) Form: full time/ part time

5. Social class as an explanatory factor of electoral decisions: Parliamentary election in Slovakia after 1989
(Supervisor: Miloslav Bahna) Form: full time/ part time

6. Social consequences of automatisation for the labour market: Case Slovakia
(Supervisor: Miloslav Bahna) Form: full time/ part time

Deadline for applications for a PhD study on one of the offered topics is at the end of May 31 2018. Applications are to be send to the Section of science and doctoral studies at the Faculty of Arts of the Comenius University in Bratislava. Further details can be found here (in Slovak). We advise to get in touch with your prospective PhD supervisor prior to preparing your application.
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