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Private Vices and Public Virtue: The Varied Consequences of Welfare in Europe

Sociologický ústav Slovenskej akadémie vied, v. v. i. Vás srdečne pozýva na

Ústavný seminár Sociologického ústavu SAV

17. 4. 2024 o 13.30

S prednáškou

Private Vices and Public Virtue: The Varied Consequences of Welfare in Europe


Martino Comelli (Sociologický ústav SAV, v.v.i.)

Prednáška bude v anglickom jazyku v miestnosti č. 94 na Klemensovej 19 v Bratislave

This presentation merges insights from two distinct studies, both highlighting the pivotal role of welfare policies in shaping economic behaviors and political landscapes across Europe. The first study focuses on the influence of welfare state orientations on household debt within OECD countries. It finds that welfare systems favoring youth encourage higher household debt as a form of future investment, while those targeting the elderly promote a more conservative debt approach. The second study shifts attention to Central Eastern Europe (CEE), analyzing the relationship between welfare policies and the rise of authoritarian tendencies. It argues that these political shifts are not mere local phenomena but are significantly influenced by the broader context of European integration and a Christian-Democratic political culture, which supports 'illiberal' social policies alongside neoliberal and heteronormative economic structures. By positioning welfare policies as the common thread, the presentation underlines their dual impact on economic decisions and political developments. It showcases how different welfare orientations can lead to varied economic behaviors, such as household debt levels, and how they intersect with political ideologies to influence the democratic trajectory of European countries."

Paper 1: The impact of welfare on household debt

Paper 2: Paradoxes of (Il)liberal democracy: the role of Christian Democracy