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Gambling Away Fraud: Tax and Speculative Governance in Slovakia

Vo štvrtok 21. 4. o 13.30 sa uskutoční seminár SÚ SAV. Seminár prebehne hybridnou formou.

S prednáškou Gambling Away Fraud: Tax and Speculative Governance in Slovakia na ňom vystúpi Dr. Nicolette Makovicky z Oxford School of Global and Area Studies (University of Oxford).

Krátky popis príspevku:

This talk examines the design and public reception of the Slovak National Receipt Lottery (Národná bločková lotéria). Running from September 2013 to February 2021, the Lottery encouraged consumers to ask for proof of purchase by turning receipts into tickets for a publicly-funded draw. Extending the process of fraud detection to everyday activities, turning participating consumers into voluntary tax inspectors. Focusing on the Lottery’s social and ethical implications, I show how it revealed a profound disconnect between the way policymakers imagined the taxpayer behaviour and motivation, and the ideas of fiscal citizenship and redistributive justice shared by much of the public. I suggest this gap can tell us something about the increasing use of risk, chance, and contingency in policymaking, and its unintended consequences.

Seminára sa môžete zúčastniť buď prezenčne na Sociologickom Ústave SAV na Klemensovej 19 v miestnosti č. 105, alebo online prostredníctvom platformy ZOOM.

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