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Truth, Trust and Transparency: Conflicts over HPV immunisation campaign in Ireland

Pozývame na Ústavný seminár Sociologického ústavu SAV, ktorý sa uskutoční v utorok 27. 10. 2020 o 13:30.

Na októbrovom seminári vystúpi naša kolegyňa Elżbieta Drążkiewicz s príspevkom:

Truth, Trust and Transparency: Conflicts over HPV immunisation campagin in Ireland".

Krátky abstrakt prednášky: For almost two decades, at least since the Andrew Wakefield controversy, countless efforts have been dedicated to increasing people’s knowledge on vaccinations, and to counter the misinformation. Focusing on conflicts over HPV immunisation programmes in Ireland, and analysing claims of the Regret group (representing parents believing that their daughters experienced vaccination damage), this paper demonstrates that ‘facts’ and ‘truth’ are not always the most crucial factor in influencing peoples decisions about vaccines. Instead, the paper shows that what determined the dramatic drop in the HPV vaccine uptake in Ireland were issues of trust and the complicated relationship between the Irish state and Irish women.

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