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imgSuburbanization – development and impacts on socio-spatial structure in Bratislava hinterland (SUBURBA)

Principal investigator: Mgr. Šveda Martin PhD. (Geografický ústav SAV)

Investigators from the Institute for Sociology: Mgr. Ľubomír Falťan CSc., PhDr. Peter Gajdoš CSc., PhDr. Vladimír Krivý CSc., PhDr. Katarína Moravanská PhD.

Project number: APVV-16-0462
Duration: 1.7.2017 – 30.6.2020

The processes of suburbanization – changes caused by transfer of inhabitants from cities towards the rural hinterland – have been occurring in Slovakia and more specifically in the vicinity of the capital city for more than 20 years. Suburbanization in the hinterland of Bratislava represents the most significant transformation in residential and socio-spatial relations in the post-socialist history of Slovakia, whose trajectory and parameters significantly affect the future development possibilities of this dynamically growing region. In spite of the intensity and various impacts there have not been realized any comprehensive study on this complicated phenomenon. Yet, negative effects of suburbanization in Bratislava hinterland stress the need for this material. In this context, project is focused on evaluation of intensity and spatial range of suburbanization in Bratislava hinterland, its demographic and social impacts and spatial patterns of development. Besides the standard methods of social sciences, state-of-the-art methods of dynamically developing GIS and remote sensing will be deployed to fulfil these objectives. In addition to in-depth analysis of particular aspects of suburbanization the project attempts to seek relations of mutual interdependencies and connectivity necessary for its comprehensive evaluation.
Institute for Sociology of SAS, Klemensova 19, 813 64 Bratislava, Slovak Republic