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Suburbanisation in Slovakia and its social and socio-spatial impact

Scientific co-worker: PhDr. Peter Gajdoš, CSc.
Project number: VEGA 2/0094/17
Duration: 1/2017- 12/2019

Annotation: Today, suburbanisation is one of the processes which significantly shape the socio-spatial situation of Slovak society. Over the last two decades, this process has undergone varied development in Slovakia and its ambivalent impacts have been fully felt in affected municipalities and their communities. The project’s target is to map out the extent and the spatial distribution of residential suburbanisation in all regions of Slovakia and to identify factors which intensify it. The objective is to draw up a typology of suburban municipalities from the point of view of the phenomena of the process of suburbanisation, and to answer the question as to where this process has moved forward over the last two decades. Based on quantitative and qualitative data, we analyze how the arrival of new inhabitants has changed the social and settlement environment of suburban municipalities, how their development potential has changed and how these changes are reflected by selected participants in this process.
Institute for Sociology of SAS, Klemensova 19, 813 64 Bratislava, Slovak Republic