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imgBetween East and West, Integration or Divergence of Values? Slovakia in Cross-National Comparative Research

Duration: 1.7.2015 - 30.6.2019
Programme: APVV-14-0527

Principal investigator: Ing. Mgr. Miloslav Bahna, PhD.

Investigators from SÚ SAV:
PhDr. Vladimír Krivý, CSc., Mgr. Robert Klobucký, PhD., PhD., Mgr. Milan Zeman, PhDr. Elena Kajabová

Investigators from FiF UK:
prof. PhDr. Ján Sopóci, PhD., Mgr. Roman Džambazovič, PhD.

Investigators from FSEV UK:
PhDr. Oľga Gyárfášová, PhD.

The project will analyse Slovak society in international comparison using integrated data files from International Social Survey Programme (ISSP) and Comparative Study of Electoral Systems (CSES) cross-national survey programmes.
The research topics will be: National identity, citizenship, work orientations, role of government, social networks, voting behaviour and political communication in the election campaign. While comparing Slovakia with the European and global context we will evaluate the validity of the current theoretical concepts relevant for the research topics. The immediate objective of the project which will enable us to achieve the main project objective is to field the research modules of the ISSP and CSES programmes in 2015 – 2019. The gathered data will form a base for comparative analysis within the project and are also a prerequisite for the occurrence of Slovakia in the analyses of foreign authors.
Comparability and reliability of measurement are an important topic in international comparative research. Survey questions are often sensitive to the societal context or language usage. Both has been changing in the two decennia of our participation in the ISSP. Therefore, the third project objective is to evaluate the validity of several survey questions, scales and translation variants. Findings from our experiments will be of interest not only for Slovak researchers but also for the ISSP and CSES programmes as well as for other cross-national research fielded in Slovakia.
A cross sectional goal of our project is the further development of the Slovak Archive of Social Data (SASD), which is a member in the CESSDA ERIC infrastructure established within the ESFRI roadmap. We will therefore archive not only the datasets produced in the project, but also some of the older, yet important, surveys from the last twenty years. Annually the archive serves hundreds of datasets and work with the archive is part of the curricula of several university courses.
Institute for Sociology of SAS, Klemensova 19, 813 64 Bratislava, Slovak Republic