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imgDemocracy and Citizens in Slovakia: A Half-Century of Change

Programme: APVV-0627-12

Duration: 01.10.2013 - 30.09.2017

Principal investigator: Mgr. Miroslav Tížik PhD.
Investigators from SÚ SAV: Mgr. Milan Zeman, Joseph Grim Feinberg MA., Prof. James Krapfl, PhD.,
Investigators from ÚPV SAV: Norbert Kmeť, PhD., Juraj Marušiak, PhD.
Investigators from FiF UK in Bratislava: RNDr. Tatiana Bužeková, PhD., Mgr. Táňa Grauzelová

Over the last 50 years, Slovakia has experienced a number of political changes as well as a fundamental change of its political-economic system. Along with these changes we might expect to see corresponding changes in the public's attitudes and practices related to democracy. The basis of this project will be survey research on the democraticness of inhabitants of Slovakia today, which will be compared with unique survey data from the period of May through fall 1968, including data from one project conducted by the so-called Mlýnář team, which focused on attitudes to democracy, and data from another project investigating religion, conducted in precisely this same period of May through fall 1968. The project will involve four parallel activities, making use of a combination of various research methods: 1. replication of the surveys of the Slovak population conducted in 1968, which will be supplemented with a set of questions aimed at tracing changes in opinions regarding the crucial period of Slovak history beginning in 1967; 2. historical and institutional analysis of the conditions in which Slovak inhabitants’ attitudes have taken shape in the period between 1967 and 2017; 3. compilation of existing facts about the public’s opinions and attitudes throughout the period under investigation, from 1967 to 2017; 4. validation of quantitative methodology through in-depth interviews and ethnographic research in selected groups (local communities) or leisure organizations that take on collective identities (religious, ethnic, or cultural). All information used, prepared, and arrived at through analysis will be archived, along with all methodological documentation, in the Slovak Archive of Social Data (SASD) which, after the research has been completed, will make the archived data and documentation available to the broad academic public.

Collaborators: Czech Republic, Sociologický ústav AV ČR, Filosofický ústav AV ČR, Canada: McGill University Montreal

Finances total: 225 482,- EUR
Finances for Institute for Sociology of SAS: 188 102,- EUR
Total work capacity of SAS: 18 300
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