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Research projects

Work as a scarce good: productivity, competitiveness and economic rationality under global capitalism

Programme: VEGA

Principal investigator: Doc. PhDr. Monika Čambáliková, CSc.
Duration: 1 / 2012 - 12 / 2014
Project VEGA no 2/0154/12

Team members from Institute for Sociology: PhDr. Bohumil Búzik, PhD., Mgr. Jana Klocoková, PhD., Mgr. David Kostlán, Mgr. Jana Lindbloom, PhDr. Mária Suríková

Project summary: The aim of this project is to examine changes in the content and organization of work which characterise contemporary societies of late capitalism. The project consists of three interconnected objectives. First, we will analyse the forms and development of political and administrative discourses of work, productivity and job opportunities in selected areas. Second, we will focus on strategies which social actors employ to confront the practical challenges and tasks which arise from the new regime based on market principles and competitiveness through work productivity. Third, we will examine innovations which are presented as politically neutral tools to enhance competitiveness, economic rationality and the profitability of organisations (e.g. firms) and various collectivities (e.g. marginalised regions or various citizen groups). Using case studies, we will show how these innovative tools affect power asymmetries between global economic assemblages and local actors and places.
Institute for Sociology of SAS, Klemensova 19, 813 64 Bratislava, Slovak Republic