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Research projects

Slovak Sociology Under the Communist Rule

Duration: 1/2007 – 12/2009

Programme: VEGA

Principal investigator: Eva Laiferová (FFUK)
Co-principal investigator: Mgr. Robert Klobucký, PhD.
Duration: 1/2007 – 12/2009
Programme: VEGA č. 1/4705/07

Investigators: Bohumil Búzik, Ľudovít Turčan, Silvia Capíková (FFUK), Ľudmila Mistríková (FFUK)

Project summary: The project is focused on the development of Slovak sociology in the period of the communist rule (1948-1989), attention will be payed to main topics characterizing Slovak sociology in this period. First of all, the problem of its discontinuous development, which can be outlined in following points: winding up of sociology after 1948, its renewal during the 60. years of the 20-th century, normalization in the 70. years of the 20th century and restrictions against politically nonconformist sociology. Relations between the communist régime and Slovak sociology and their development will be studied, too, as well as the role of particular sociologists and their conformst or antitotalitarian activity. The same importance is seen in the research of foundation and development of particular sociological institutions (SÚ SAV, Katedra sociológie FF UK, Slovenská sociologická spoločnosť). Works of the most important authors of this period will be analysed as well. The autonomous development of Slovak sociology in particular state research institutes and state enterprises (mainly 70. years of the 20th century) will be thoroughly described and analysed, too.
Institute for Sociology of SAS, Klemensova 19, 813 64 Bratislava, Slovak Republic