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Basic information

Journal Sociológia (SK ISSN 0049 - 1225, electronic version ISSN 1336-8613) is published bimonthly by the Institute for Sociology of Slovak Academy of Sciences. The journal is published without interruption since 1969. Since 1997 there are yearly four journal issues in Slovak and two issues in English under the title Sociológia - Slovak Sociological Review.

Editor-in-chief: Monika Čambáliková
Editor: Jana Lindbloom

Editorial assistant: Silvia Danišová

Impact Factor: 0.796
Ranked: 115 out of 150 in Sociology
Source: 2019 Journal Citation Reports ® (Clarivative Analytics, 2020)

Contents, abstracts and full texts from the journal are available on the SAS web page.

Aims and mission

Sociológia publishes original peer-reviewed articles covering an as wide as possible area of sociological thought and research. It provides a space for debates about current social issues in Slovak, European and world society.

The journal is indexed in:
  • Central and Eastern European Online Library (C.E.E.O.L)
  • Current Contents: Social & Behavioral Sciences (Thomson ISI)
  • International Bibliography of the Social Sciences (CSA / ProQuest)
  • Journal Citation Reports/Social Science Edition (Thomson ISI)
  • Scopus (Elsevier)
  • Social Sciences Citation Index (Thomson ISI)
  • Social Services Abstracts (CSA / ProQuest)
  • Sociological Abstracts (CSA / ProQuest)
  • Worldwide Political Science Abstracts (CSA / ProQuest)
  • and other databases

Information for authors

Manuscript submission
The journal welcomes contributions in Slovak, English or Czech. Papers have to be submitted in electronic form only in MS Word or Open Office format. Name, academic affiliations, contact details and references in the paper that could lead to the identification of the author have to be provided on a separate sheet. Please e-mail your submissions to Submitted manuscripts must not be under consideration for publication elsewhere.

Manuscript preparation
The standard length of articles is 5000 to 7500 words (including, abstract, text, appendices, footnotes and references) and 750 to 2500 words for reviews. Submitted articles have to be accompanied by a 100 words English language abstract, English title, key words, references list and by a short biographical information for every author.

Reference style
The reference list should be prepared according to the journal standards in alphabetical order at the end of the paper. Some examples of the preferred references style:
  • DŽAMBAZOVIČ, R. – GERBERY, D., 2018: Medzigeneračná sociálna mobilita na Slovensku. Sociológia 50(4): 396-428. DOI:
  • BÚZIK, B., 2000: Zjavenie sa modernizácie v slovenskej sociológii. Sociológia 32(4): 385-390.
  • KLOBUCKÝ, R. − MRVA, M., 2019:Vývoj spoločenskej dôvery. In: Rabušic, L., Kusá, Z., Manea, Ch. B., Strapcová, K. (eds.): Odděleně spolu? Česko a Slovensko optikou vývoje hodnot po roce 1991. Bratislava: Slovart.
  • LAIFEROVÁ, E. et al., 2018: Slovenská sociológia po páde komunizmu. Ideové korene, súčasné trendy a osobnosti vedy. 2. upravené a rozšírené vydanie. Univerzita Komenského v Bratislave. 276 s. ISBN 978-80-223-4271-1.
Peer review policy
All papers are initially scrutinized by the editor. Those which meet the scientific and editorial standards of the journal are subject of a double-blind peer-review. The final decision about the publication of a submitted article is approved by the editorial board.

Information for subscribers

The annual subscription fee (including delivery costs) is 27,- Euro. The price of a single issue is 3.- Euro.

The journal is published by the Institute for Sociology of the Slovak Academy of Sciences. The print version of the journal is available also in the VEDA bookstore on Štefánikova street no. 3 in Bratislava. Sociológia - Slovak Sociological Review is also available in electronic format on the SAS webpage and in the CEEOL database.

The journal is distributed by:
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